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The Instagram Graph API: What Will Change?

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As Instagram matures, so do its APIs. In January 2018, Instagram announced a plan for deprecating most of its pre-acquisition Platform API in favor of its post-acquisition Graph API, to be finalized on Dec. 11, 2018. This will create changes in Instagram data access for everyone.

Good News!
Among other changes, hashtag search was originally slated for deprecation, with no replacement on the horizon. On October 31, Instagram announced the launch of a new Hashtag Search feature for businesses. This announcement means that customers can continue to gain consumer insights from hashtagged Instagram posts, even after December 11.

Listen to this on-demand webinar with Mitch Brooks, Senior Director of Product at Crimson Hexagon, to learn what type of data will be accessible with the Graph API and how it will be made available for analysis in the Crimson Hexagon platform.

We know you’ll bring a lot of good questions about Instagram data, so we will reserve a full 30 minutes for open Q&A.

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