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Target & Walmart

Using social media to compare consumer perception toward two goliaths of the retail industry

Two major players in the retail industry, Target and Walmart, are in tight competition. They both offer any and all products one could think of at the lowest prices around. But which do consumers prefer? Comparing your own brand to a main competitor in your space offers valuable insights to see what you’re doing right for your customers, and more importantly, the areas you need to improve.

In this brand comparison guide, we analyzed millions of consumer conversations to provide key insights about where these retailers win and where they need to improve:
  • Which retailer is discussed more online and which retailer is discussed more positively
  • The most common grievances associated with each retailer
  • Key audiences for the brands
  • Their audience’s interests
Download our guide to discover consumer opinions about two of the most dominant superstore retailers in the world to see which one wins out over the other, as well as how your brand can benefit from similar research.

Download the Report

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