Campaign Analysis in the Gaming Industry

Why Machinima chose Crimson Hexagon to help understand their key audiences for targeted advertising campaigns

036-2018-Machinima-Book-Cover.pngMatt Kautz, Head of Business Intelligence at Machinima, saw the immediate value in Crimson Hexagon's platform. By analyzing 6 segments of audiences, which were better defined through the Affinities analytics tool, Machinima could target these sectors of the gaming community more effectively for their clients' ad strategies. This case study reviews:

  • What audiences are most interested in certain types of video games
  • How Machinima was able to leverage Crimson Hexagon's 850+ post data library to understand more about those audiences
  • What successes they had as a business utilizing social insights to better support their Fortune 500 clients

Download the Case Study:

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