The Syrian Refugee Crisis on Social Media

Well over 4 million refugees have fled their war-torn country since the crisis of the Syrian Civil War began in 2011. This report utilises social data to investigate the European and Middle Eastern reaction to this crisis.

Through our Twitter partnership we were able to access rich historical data from the start of the Syrian Civil War. Our unique algorithm combined with language agnostic capabilities have enabled us to unveil a whole hoard of information, such as:

  • Locating the whereabouts of Syrian Twitter users
  • Assessing the European response of the Syrian refugee crisis over the last 5 years
  • A deeper insight into who is talking about the Syrian refugee crisis on social 
  • A look at the Arabic response, leveraging our platform's language agnostic capability

This report was written in partnership with E-Nor, a global digital analytics and marketing intelligence consulting firm devoted to enabling organisations to become more data-driven. 


Their time-tested, platform-agnostic analytics framework provides digital intelligence through multi-device and multi-channel marketing optimisation strategies, advanced analytics implementation, analysis, data visualisation and training. E-nor is also a trusted reseller of Crimson Hexagon in the Middle East.


"Ultimately, the reality of the [Syrian refugee situation] is that there are highly complex and varying emotions at play. By capitalising on the insights derived from social data, we are able to more accurately measure the conversations around the crisis in increased detail."

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