Discovering Audience Insights from Social Data

In this webinar, you’ll learn why insights from social data is about more than just ‘listening’, how to build a social intelligence team, and hear real examples of how one of the world’s largest media companies learns more about their current and targeted audiences through insights from social data. 

Samantha Ngo, Consumer Insights Researcher at Forrester Research, walked through some of Forrester’s key findings in the social listening space, and how it is elevating companies’ abilities to know more about their customers and to get that knowledge faster. Also discussed were the overall prevalence of social media and the need to move beyond just listening, why and how social media data creates actionable insights, and how social intelligence platforms can be built well at enterprise organizations.

Benoit Landry, Senior Director, Program Research at NBC Universal, shared how insights from social data around television viewership and interest habits has impacted his organization through segmentation of audience discussion for improved media targeting and planning for new show launches, premieres, finales, and more. 

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