How Will Your Bank Differentiate?

How banks can use social insights to meet disruptions and changing needs in the industry

Its no news that millennials are all about expedience and convenience. What is interesting however, is how this plays out in the financial services industry: manifesting in the slow movement of traditional institutions in meeting consumers' rapidly changing needs. Considering this, we turned to social media to analyze what ways the consumer base is talking about banking and its integration with technology. We uncovered consumers' biggest concerns and revealed crucial unmet needs in the changing millennial demographic.

In this industry report, we will answer the following questions:

  • What ways are consumers talking about mobile banking apps, and what are their concerns regarding these apps?
  • How can these insights help banks improve their apps and address pain points?
  • In what ways are consumers talking about new service providers and technologies? How can those in the industry use this for future strategy?
  • How can banks use social insights to differentiate themselves and attract younger generations?
"We learned that Venmo fits into the lifestyle of its users and that there is a growing desire for seamless mobile transfers between friends, families, and others."

Download the study:

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