Do Consumers Love or Hate Empowerment Campaigns?

How Brands Can Measure and Use Audience Responses to Connect

With the use of women's empowerment campaigns on the rise, we asked the question that everyone's dying to know: do audiences actually like empowerment messaging? In this case study, we demonstrate how to use social media data mining tools measure the effectiveness of large scale campaigns with diverse audiences, and how to use these insights to plan future strategies for securing new brand supporters.   

We focused on empowerment campaigns from four leading women’s brands. We were interested in:

  • The response and sentiment around empowerment campaigns
  • The drivers of sentiment behind these campaigns
  • Exactly what audiences were saying and why
  • How sentiment for these campaigns relates to brand and brand impact
  • Audience interests and characteristics, and how audiences for the campaigns compare to brand audiences and target market
"Knowing what campaigns will work and draw positive response can be the difference in winning the hearts of loyal customers or losing brand advocates to your competition."

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