Understanding the Role of Nutrition in Diabetes

How Social Analytics Can Be Used to Move from Trend to Insight

The role of nutrition in diabetes treatment and prevention is a hotly debated and contested topic, with a variety of people weighing in with their take on the issue. We turned to social media to understand how consumers discuss diabetes and the impact of nutritionist support. We investigated:

  • The volume and sentiment of discussion
  • Trends in topic discussion over time
  • The nuances and variety in conversation, accounting for what exactly consumers were saying
  • And audience interests and affinities

This investigation gave insights into profiles of engaged audiences beyond standard demographics. It revealed what is driving the diabetes and nutrition discussion and shed light on the biggest concerns of those discussing this topic.

"Painting the psychographic profile of the audience, the affinity map helps strategists understand who are the people that are talking and engaging with the unique topic..."

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