Analyzing Customer Relations in the Airline Industry

We analyzed consumer relations and social media engagement of ten airline brands in North America and Europe

As the number of consumers taking to social media to discuss brand experiences continues to rise, the need for brands to recognize and adapt their customer relations strategies to this trend has become apparent, thanks to social monitoring. In this industry snapshot, we have uncovered the ways in which consumers are discussing some of the most well-known airline brands throughout North America and Europe, and how they are utilizing their social media accounts to interact with these consumers. In our report, we set out to answer:

  • Is there a relationship between engagement on social media and consumer sentiment toward an airline?

  • Which airlines have the highest positive and negative sentiment on social media, and how do their methods differ from those of their competitors?

  • What are the challenges airlines need to overcome in order to maintain a successful customer service program on social media?

  • How can airlines utilize insights gained from social data in order to inform customer service strategy? 

"While we see that American Airlines does have a customer service program on Twitter, why is it that positive sentiment is so low and negative so high, with no positive shift in over a year?"

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