Arming Agencies for the Pitch

Top Agencies Will Be the Ones That Can Contextualize Social Intelligence

Every advertising agency vies to deliver the most compelling pitch to a prospect account. With several global agency clients, the dynamics of the agency-client pitch piqued our interest at Crimson Hexagon. We were curious: how can we develop a model from which agencies can derive new value and help win new business?

Through deep analysis of top retailer, Best Buy, we dug deeper than sentiment classifications to accurately discern consumer expectations and motivation to develop an agency pitch case study.

In this study, you'll learn how agencies can:

  • Analyze online brand and product discussions, and contextualize new findings for prospects
  • Discover nuances in conversation related to each channel of a prospect’s business, across each country of operation
  • Demonstrate strategic differentiation value by linking social media consumer insights to new creative program ideas
  • Leverage Crimson Hexagon's ForSight platform to reveal unexpected counter-intuitive and strategic opportunities for clients and prospects
Crimson Hexagon is uniquely effective in analysing and interpreting conversation surrounding distinct facets of the customer experience. We provide differentiation value to our agency clients by uncovering and quantifying conversational nuances around brand perception, purchase environment, product and service appeal, advertising campaigns, celebrity endorsers, and much more.

Download the study:

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