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Analysing eCommerce In The UK

The Who, What, And Why Behind The Rise Of Online Shopping

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“...frustration with online shopping often stemmed from lack of free delivery, long delivery times, internet connectivity issues, annoyance over cancelled orders or pricing discrepancies, and frustrations over creating baskets they can’t afford.”

In the last few years, eCommerce has skyrocketed to the forefront of the commercial world. Nowhere is this growth more prominent than in the United Kingdom.

But what is driving the massive online shopping success in the region?

In our new report, we analysed millions of conversations across popular social networks, blogs, and forums to answer important industry questions like:

  • Who Is the UK eCommerce consumer?
  • Why does the eCommerce consumer choose to purchase online?
  • How does the UK’s eCommerce expansion stack up to the rest of Europe?
  • Where are there opportunities for eCommerce growth in the UK?

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