Analysing the European Hotel Industry

A Data-Driven Comparison of Europe's Leading Hospitality Brands

The volatile European economic climate and the rise of home sharing sites like Airbnb make it more important than ever for European hotel chains to better understand their customers’ expectations and desires. When are guests most likely to travel? What is most important to guests in a hotel stay? What are the most sought after hotel amenities?

We answer these questions and more in our latest e-book: Analysing the European Hotels Industry. Using Crimson Hexagon and social media analytics, we compare and contrast Europe's top five hospitality brands in order to provide a data-backed snapshot of the European hotels industry. Topics covered in this report include:

  • Which of Europe's top five hotel brands are most popular amongst travelers and why
  • What kind of guests stay at certain hotels and when
  • Which Amenities are most important to hotel guests in Europe
  • How demographics differ between different hotel personas

To stay relevant, it’s not enough to look at how many guests are staying in your hotel, but what kind of guests, and why?...Crimson Hexagon analysed millions of conversations across popular social networks, blogs, and forums to identify not only the types of people that are staying at Europe’s top hotel chains, but the reasons behind their choices.

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