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How General Motors Increased Customer Care Efficiency by 3x

Crimson Hexagon helps GM reduce time to response in the customer care center

GM-1-Sheet-Book-Cover (1).pngWith a large number of brands and car models under their umbrella, General Motors receives more than 30 customer inquiries every minute. This makes it incredibly difficult for the brand to quickly route and respond to customer issues.

Previously, GM’s customer care team had to sift through a sea of irrelevant posts to find inquiries from customers that actually need a response from the team.

Download the case study to learn about GM’s Customer Care:
  • Challenge: GM faced in trying to sort through thousands of irrelevant posts 
  • Solution: Crimson Hexagon’s BrightView for Customer Care
  • Results: GM can identify and respond to customer care inquiries 3x faster

Download the Case Study

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