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The Fundamentals of Image Analytics

A brand’s guide to understanding and using image analysis

“Rarely would someone caption a photo 'Here’s me wearing a Lacoste shirt drinking Coca-Cola,' but image analysis technology would allow Lacoste and Coke to track the specific uses of their products from the image itself, without the need for text.”

More than 3 billion photos are shared on social media every day. Of those images, 85% don’t contain any text reference to the brands in the photo.

That means if you leave images out of your social listening, you’re missing out on a huge chunk of the social conversation about your brand, products, customers, and competitors.

But how can you incorporate image analysis into your brand’s social listening strategy? Download our new guide, “The Fundamentals of Image Analytics,” to learn how to:

  • Track all "visual mentions" of your brand
  • Measure ROI with logo recognition
  • Identify exactly how people are using your products
  • and more!
Download the guide to understand how your brand can start using image analysis today.

Download this Guide

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