Marketing Insights from Social Data | Guide for Retailers
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Marketing Insights for Retailers

Applying social analysis to the retail industry

“Social posts can help brands understand what their 'gold star' products are—by measuring customer word of mouth
recommendations. These insights are gold mines, as the conversation is unsolicited and authentic.”

Today’s retail landscape is more saturated and fragmented than ever, making it hard for retailers to find the best ways to reach consumers.

But social media analysis provides a powerful way for retailers to learn about their audiences thanks to the billions of unsolicited opinions about brands, products, and services expressed in social posts.

Our new guide helps retail brands learn to use social analysis to:

  • Understand more about your target audience
  • Compare your brand to top competitors
  • Identify purchase intent and the reasons behind it
  • Evaluate the campaign performance
  • Respond to a brand crisis the right way
Download the guide today to learn how to hit your retail marketing goals.

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