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Consumer Insights

How brands can use social data to understand consumer trends and preferences

It’s essential for brands to understand consumers in order to make the right decisions about launching campaigns, reaching new audiences, and curating their brand image. But by the time brands understand what consumers want, their opinions have already changed.Consumer-Insights-Cover.png

Social media data offers a real-time window into the mind of the consumer allowing brands to track consumer preferences dynamically and uncover the most current and relevant insights.

In this guide, we'll explore how you can uncover powerful consumer insights with social media data. We analyzed three main topics (red meat, iPhones, and self-driving cars) to answer questions like:
  • What’s causing the decrease in popularity of red meat?
  • How to recent iPhone releases compare in terms of consumer excitement? 
  • Why are consumers afraid of self-driving cars?
  • And more! 
Download the free guide to learn how your brand could make use of consumer insights from social media data.

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