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Consumer Trends Report: The Rise of FinTech in APAC

Analysing consumer conversations surrounding blockchain, mobile banking, and personal finance in Asia-Pacific

How do consumers manage their money these days? Long gone are the days when people visited a bank, carried a lot of cash, or balanced a checkbook. These changes were only about a decade or two ago, but feel archaic by today’s standards. But technology has changed all of this.
These changes are impacting financial services brands all over the Asia-Pacific region. Financial brands need to find a way to keep up with evolving times and understand changing consumer opinions about these trends.

In our latest report 'The Rise of FinTech in APAC' we analysed millions of these conversations in different languages across online channels in the financial services industry, in regard to:
  • The rise of blockchain and cryptocurrencies
  • The best mobile banking in the Asia-Pacific region
  • The newest trends in personal finance
Download our report to discover consumer opinion about these emerging trends in the APAC FinTech market.

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