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Consumer Trends Report: Consumer Technology in the Asia-Pacific Region

Emerging trends in consumer technology based on online conversations

Consumer technology is one of the most rapidly evolving industries today, with new gadgets coming out at a breakneck pace. With so much change, it can be hard for technology brands to keep up with the evolving consumer trends. Consumer opinions aren’t only changing about devices but also about the technologies behind the scenes. The tech that powers devices like the Amazon Echo or the iPhone have taken the forefront of conversation and brands need to be wary of how consumers are feeling about them, and how far is too far.
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Every day, millions of consumers share their opinions about personal tech devices, and the things that power them, online. In this report, we analysed these conversations to provide key consumer insights about the current state of the consumer technology industry in Asia:
  • How APAC consumers are utilising virtual and augmented reality
  • The rise of the internet of things
  • Consumer trust surrounding artificial intelligence
  • Emerging hologram technologies
Download our report to discover consumer opinion about these emerging trends in the Asian personal tech market.  

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