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Consumer Insights for the Financial Services Industry

How financial brands can measure consumer opinion with social media data

The financial services industry has undergone significant change in the past decade. With growing competition from credit unions and financial technology startups, big financial brands are making changes to give consumers the financial products and services they want while improving the customer experience from apps to call centers.
This means it’s increasingly important for financial organizations to pay attention to changing consumer opinion and preferences. Social media conversations contain a wealth of data on what consumers want from financial brands. Analyzing this social data can help brands understand what they need to do stay ahead of the competition and keep customers happy.

Here are the types of questions financial brands can answer by analyzing social media data:
  • How do consumers feel about the banks and credit cards they use?
  • At what impactful moments are consumers talking about major financial milestones? 
  • What new financial technologies are consumers talking about?
  • Which aspects of financial customer experience are the most important to consumers?

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