Crimson Hexagon

How Focus Brands Used Consumer Insights to Improve Restaurant Menus

Perfecting menus and flavors with consumer insights 


In the ever-changing world of fast casual dining, it is essential for brands to keep up with evolving consumer preferences and tastes. What food trends are emerging? Which new flavors are gaining traction? How is a new product performing?

One way that more and more restaurant brands are answering these questions is through analyzing online consumer conversations.

In this case study, we look at two popular restaurant chains — Moe’s Southwest Grill and McAlister’s Deli — that use Crimson Hexagon and its database of more than one trillion social media posts to:

  • Analyze the competitive landscape to determine new menu items
  • Uncover emerging flavor and food trends
  • Improve products based on consumer reactions
Download the case study to learn how these two chains are leveraging social media data to stay ahead in the competitive world of modern dining.

Download this Case Study

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