The Fundamentals of Social Media Analytics
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The Fundamentals of Social Media Analytics

Go beyond traditional social listening with deeper analysis

“...through machine-learning, you can create custom categories that will explain the reason behind the positive, neutral and negative sentiment, providing actionable solutions you can apply.”

How well do you know social media analytics? Do you know the differences between social analytics and social listening?

Because social media is now filled with billions of conversations, brands, agencies and other organizations can use social data to better understand their target customer, industry landscape or brand perception.

To make use of this huge volume of data, it’s helpful to have a strong understanding of social analytics. Whether you’re new to analyzing social data or you're already a pro, our guide to social media analytics will help you:

  • Understand the difference between social listening, monitoring, and analytics
  • Learn how to make sense of unstructured social data
  • Derive business insights from social metrics. 

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